Le man has been in the field of car products dynamically since 1978.
Our great experience guarantees the credibility and quality of our work.
Specializing in the hoods of cabriolet cars, we have the ability to repair, repair and replace parts and the whole hood of your car with materials and consumables from the best European and American factories.

We import the finest and most durable fabrics and materials to satisfy our most demanding customers.
We are unique for many applications and solutions that other companies can not offer. Everything in terms of quality and avoidance of unnecessary costs.
We have the ability to repair part of your hood and your car seats.

Partial hood repair from violation or accident.
Replace hood with new from German canvas.
Gel replacement.
Crystal repair from leaks.
Repair of mechanism and service hood.
Partial repair of upholstery without delay.
Total Seats Replacement.
Seat - comfort improvements.
And dozens of other applications ...
We have created thousands of satisfied customers who have preferred us for decades in Athens, province and abroad.
Since 1978 we have been creating and delivering solutions.

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